&samhoud food winner Bridge2Food Best Plant-Based Food Award with Tomato Mince!

“Tomato mince” is a vegetarian minced ‘meat’ made from tomato. Unlike similar products, no soy is used. It has a great bite and texture, while receiving is rich flavor from the veggies and natural spices. 62% of the product is vegetables. The products are packed with veggies, a rich source of fiber and proteins, and contains no artificial flavor additives, colorants or preservatives whatsoever.

Judge Greg Bonnefin, Group Director, Newly Weds Foods (Thailand) Ltd said, “This product is a natural tasting, convenient and very simply concept, which is more appetising than many meat snacking options out on the market. “With the product tomeato, &samhoud food has brought something different and more aspirational to the category”. Adding tomato is a real difference to making a good product, great!”.

Marieke van der Heijden, Regional Director of &samhoud food said, “Winning the award is a huge honour for us. It acknowledges our efforts to create tasty, and high-quality food alternatives for a better future. The vegetarian mince is a great meat-replacement solution to use in pasta’s, wraps, pita’s, sauces or as a pizza-or salad topping”.

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