Ingredia warming up for the innovation tour

Ingredia is warming up for the innovation tour, welcoming 50 protein specialist on 24 October, linked to the 11th Protein Summit 2018 (24-26 October, France). Herve Gasnier and his team will tour all guests to the INGREDIA innovation center. It will be a great opportunity to discover all about INGREDIA’s knowledge on innovative dairy proteins and especially native micellar caseins, their functionalities and nutritional benefits to formulate delicious products (cheese, yogurt, pudding, high-protein beverage, etc.) for the food and nutrition markets!

Ingredia is glad to be a diamond partner for the 11th Protein Summit 2018. Learn more about the complementarity between dairy and vegetal proteins: Blending micellar caseins and pea proteins, what happens? presented by Audrey Boulier Scientific & Innovation Manager on Bioactives and Nutrition at Ingredia Dairy Experts, on the of 25th October at 2:30pm – 2:55pm.

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