Improve welcomes 100+ protein specialists

Denis Chereau & Jean-Baptiste Tailliez of Improve are ready to welcome 100+ protein specialists to their Innovation Centre 24 October, linked to the 11th Protein Summit 2018 (24-26 October, France).

The world population is facing two distinguished nutritional transitions: the desire to eat more meat in countries where population gross domestic product growth and the progressive switch from animal to plant proteins diet in developed countries as EU and USA. Diverse strategies must be combined to meet these nutritional challenges. Dry processes are technologies essentially based on mechanical energy to break up the agriproduct, separate its constituents and functionalize the powders and flours thus obtained. These processes, such as mills, sieves, cyclones, heat treatments, presses are relatively low OPEX and CAPEX processes used for a long time in many industries.

An infinity of innovations is possible using innovative dry fractionation technologies that produce optimized ingredients at low-costs without the need to add water. These processes provide considerable cost savings and have a more limited impact on the environment.

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