BENEO rice protein innovation

Transparency and natural formulations continue to fuel consumers’ trust as is reflected in the rise of clean and more natural product launches, that have attained a world average annual growth rate of 15 % (2012-2017). Overall consumers agree that the fewer ingredients, the better. They keep a close eye out for products with a no additives/ no preservatives claim and have grown particularly wary of chemically sounding foods and formulations they are unfamiliar with. As rice is widely considered to be a healthy, natural food for both adults and children alike, BENEO’s range of rice protein can help to satisfy the rising demand for plant protein. It is a gluten-free, non-GMO source of hypoallergenic protein with an excellent amino acid profile and good digestibility: an ideal solution for bars, baked goods, cereals and nutritional mixes.

At the BENEO Technology Center, BENEO develops high quality recipes for natural protein-enriched and high-protein food. Where certain protein types tend to trigger solidification during storage, rice protein does not. It ensures a pleasantly soft mouthfeel and extended shelf life in energy bars and considerably better crispness and bowl life in cereals. Get in touch with the BENEO experts for bespoke ingredient support or get the recipe for high-protein cereals and energy bars.

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